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Will Web-Based Applications Fit Your Needs?

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Now that you are interested web-based applications, your first questions are, “What is available? Can I really replace the software I’m using now for little or now cost?”

spreadsheet2 Today, a look at the types of software that are available on the web. The breadth of offerings is enormous.

  1. word processing
  2. spreadsheets
  3. email
  4. calendar
  5. to do lists
  6. notes
  7. web publishing
  8. presentation
  9. database
  10. web page builder
  11. note organizer
  12. desktop search
  13. photo handling
  14. blogging
  15. forums
  16. collaboration
  17. research
  18. web conferencing
  19. CRM
  20. Wiki
  21. Chat
  22. polls
  23. applicant testing
  24. maps
  25. company research alerts

All these products are available using only two companies—Google and Zoho. There are other web-based application companies that expand and compete with these products, but this gives you a flavor for what is there. Not all the products listed are free, but most are, and the ones with a cost are reasonably priced.

Chances are, you don’t need everything from the list above, but once an analysis is complete, you can determine which web applications you can use.

Next I want to highlight the offerings of Zoho, then afterward, Google. Let’s look for specific products as replacements for your current software to see what’s possible.

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