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There Were Two Gorgeous Cars

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I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two of them just sitting there. They were gorgeous.

My wife and I were driving up Buchanan Street in Amarillo, Texas. She spotted them first. The gasp caught my attention, but by looking over at her, I missed what was to my left.

“Circle the block!” she said. “What?” I asked. “Just do it. You’ll be glad.”

Buchanan was a one-way street heading north, so I made a couple of blocks to get back to where she directed.

They were Gorgeous

I gasped in excitement as we approached the used car lot on the corner. One a Forest Green convertible and the other a dark Maroon with a White vinyl top. Both two-door, both beautiful.

I pulled into the lot next to the two and got out to look closer. I approached the convertible, and it had a 390 badge on the front fender and a four-speed on the floor between the two creamy White bucket seats. I believe my heart skipped a beat. The other had a black interior with a front bench and an automatic shifter on the column. It also had the 390 badge on the front fender.

A Matched Pair

“Looks like a perfect his and her matched pair,” I said. “One for you and one for me.”

Of course, it was just a pipe dream. We couldn’t afford one car like this, let alone two. They were impeccable. Perfect bodies, beautiful trim, and even the engine bays were clean. I found myself lusting after them. Somehow. Some way.

The salesman approached with a great, big smile. You know the one they get when a new victim prospect enters.

“I’m just admiring the matched set,” I spoke first. “They are beauties.”

He said, “We just got them this morning. They’ll go fast. If you’re interested, You better grab ’em fast.”

I don’t remember the prices now after forty-eight years, but it was apparent we couldn’t afford either.

Today, that pair would be worth a fortune on the auction block.

Oh, what were they?

A beautiful pair of 1964 Ford Galaxie 500s. Fantastic in every way but affordability. At least for us.

1964 Ford Galaxie 500
1964 Ford Galaxie 500 – Used under Creative Commons License