1994 Ford Ranger Pickup

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The Latest Vehicle in the Corral

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The decision to move back to the Texas Panhandle brought back thoughts of several winters from previous days. The blizzard of 1958, of 1970, and a few others from later dates.

My Newest acquisition is a 4-wheel drive

With the decision to move back to the Panhandle, I knew I would have to acquire another four-wheel drive vehicle. The last such vehicle owned was the ’82 Bronco which was sold in 1997. Living in South Texas for the last 20+ years, I did not see the necessity for such a vehicle.

I had decided on one of two choices. A Ford Ranger or a Toyota Tacoma. I saw no need for a big truck, just a functional one. I began looking in South Texas six months before moving. I didn’t have any luck. They were few and far between and very expensive. I decided to wait.

The internet is your friend

Once the move was complete, I began scouring the car websites in the local area and, early one morning, a low-mileage 1994 Ford Ranger appeared. I jumped in the wife’s vehicle and headed to I-40 West to a large car dealer. It was exactly what I was looking for.

  • 4-wheel drive
  • Extra cab
  • Long bed
  • V-6 (4.0 liter)
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Low miles (131,000 actual miles)
  • Only three local owners in the last 27 years (each had it for an extended time)
  • Appears to have always been garaged
  • A new set of tires
  • Fresh switches for the 4-wheel engagement

The first six points were my requirements and the last four were bonuses.

I’ve now owned the pickup for three years and it is better than I had hoped. It is a nice truck that I plan to have for many years to come.