A Closer Look at Google Web Applications

Most people are familiar with Google’s Gmail application. It is lightweight, easy to use, and accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. It has redefined the word webmail for those of us using it daily. Some reasons: Conversation mode, search, and labels are a few of the tools that make it the killer web-application … Read moreA Closer Look at Google Web Applications

Zoho’s New Business Product

Last week, I began a series on web-based applications for businesses, focusing on Google and Zoho. In today’s article I focus on the Zoho product line, showing the diversity of their applications. Next up, I’ll take a closer look at the applications available from Google. Last night, I received an email from Zoho announcing their … Read moreZoho’s New Business Product

Will Web-Based Applications Fit Your Needs?

Now that you are interested web-based applications, your first questions are, “What is available? Can I really replace the software I’m using now for little or now cost?” Today, a look at the types of software that are available on the web. The breadth of offerings is enormous. word processing spreadsheets email calendar to do … Read moreWill Web-Based Applications Fit Your Needs?

Are Web-Based Applications for Real?

This series looks at the availability and the usability of web-based applications that are becoming more of an option for small business every day. In the previous article, I asked some questions about applications, and in this article we’ll start by examining some basics. Let’s start with whether web-based software is right for your small … Read moreAre Web-Based Applications for Real?