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Is Life Slapping You Around?

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Life has a funny way of slapping us around—first a jab, then a sharp right hook. And down we go hitting the canvas like a full sack of potatoes then struggling to get up before the count.

It’s been a wild ride the last month. In the middle of starting a new business, the need arose for my wife and me to move 150 miles to get closer to my Mom. This move was not unplanned, but the timing was quicker than expected.

With my recent “retirement” from full-time employment along with a regular paycheck, money was a bit tight. That meant we would have to do the entire move ourselves. Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking was just the beginning. Fortunately, our son took time off and helped—a lot.

Youth is wasted on the young

The saying, “You’re not as young as you think” and “You’re not as young as you once were” are ringing in my ears as I write this. Both of us are past our mid-sixties and believe we can still do all this “stuff” like we once did.

Since 1995, we have moved eleven times.

  • Seven of those my wife and I did all the work packing and moving with help from a few friends
  • One was a work promotion, and the company sent packers and movers, but on the other end most went into storage.
  • Three we did the packing and hired movers to load and unload their truck

And you guessed it, this last move we did it all with the help of our son. It was painful, literally. A month on and there are still boxes waiting expectantly for unpacking. We are still looking for the light bulb box and the battery box.

What is not pictured is the stack of temporary boxes used in the move. I cut them all down and hauled them to the recycling center. They included a lot of Amazon boxes collected over the last few years and others of assorted sizes.

Aches and Pains

The body aches and huts are still present and will persist for some time, I’m sure.


Are you still as young as you think?