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I keep coming back to the importance of good questions

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The importance of good, professional questions can not be overstated. Asking good business-related questions will gain insight into a company. If you ask bad questions, you will get bad answers. If you are a professional salesperson, and I expect you are, you must ask professional questions.

Questionable Questions

I can’t count the number of meetings I’ve attended with salespeople, who ask about the “fish” (airplane, fly rod, etc.) on the wall after introducing themselves. NOOOOOO! That is not how you build rapport with a company’s top officer. They are busy and you are wasting their valuable time.

I even advise against “What keeps you up at night?” Not now, and maybe not ever. Or the timeless, “So, what do ya’ll do around here?”

Ask Professional Questions

Research is the key to good questions. The research can come from current customers or the interwebs. If you know their industry, their competitors, and their issues, a professional salesperson will take time to develop professional questions that get to the heart of the discussion quickly.