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Do You Have a Strategic Technology Plan?

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hammer.jpgHave you developed a strategic technology plan (STP) for your business? Have you decided what technologies to consider? Do you know when to implement a new application, and how to judge a viable and valuable return on investment?


Who is Your Technology Consultant?

Most companies get their technology advice from a commissioned sales person who can rarely see and understand the long-range goals and planning needs of your company. That sales person’s goal is to sell you something—today. The phrase, "If you sell hammers, every problem looks like a nail" seems to fit here. The failure of this approach is that each problem is looked at in isolation, rather than as an overall part of a business strategy.

Ask Questions

Consider these questions as you look at technology.

  1. Is the source of the problem identified?
  2. Does the STP include a method to determine the best solution?
  3. Is there a mid-range and long-range STP in place?
  4. Does the solution fit into the long-range STP?
  5. Does the process provide a controlled testing environment?
  6. Does the STP include a provision for this problem?
  7. Does this solution provide the BEST fix for the problem?
  8. Who benefits the most with this purchase?
  9. Who is looking out for the company’s best interest?
  10. Is the solution a hammer looking for a nail?

Mistakes are Expensive

removing-nail.jpgWhat happens if the wrong technology is installed? What if you needed a screwdriver, not a hammer. Implementing the wrong technology is a costly mistake. Costs associated with a bad solution are:

  1. The cost to purchase and implement the wrong technology
  2. The training cost associated with the wrong technology
  3. The lost productivity from the wrong technology
  4. The cost to re-evaluate the purchase decision
  5. The cost to re-evaluate the right technology
  6. The cost to purchase and implement the correct technology
  7. The new training cost for the right technology
  8. The learning curve for the new technology

Put the right technology in place the first time, and work according to your strategic technology plan.

Technology is too important and too expensive to leave to chance.