4 Factors of Sales

Plan your work

“Plan your work & work your plan“ I’ve been thinking about different factors in sales lately. Most salespeople focus on two or three of the four elements. Time Management Territory Management Prospect Management Sales Cycle Management Most salespeople concentrate their effort on the first two and are ambivalent about the last two until the end … Read more 4 Factors of Sales

3 ways to increase your sales

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There are three ways to increase your sales. Increase your sales funnel Increase your close ratio Increase your margins I don’t know a salesperson that doesn’t want to increase their sales. It means more money and greater job security. The problem is that many companies don’t provide the training necessary to accomplish this goal. My … Read more 3 ways to increase your sales

Goals, Motivation, and Leadership

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One of the constants in my life had been my interest in Motivation, Leadership, Management, and Goal Setting. That interest led me to run a website and podcast back in 2005 called Motivation on the Run. It revolved around those particular interests. Then life happened and it slowly passed into insignificance. My wife and I … Read more Goals, Motivation, and Leadership