Tech Undone: The law of unintended consequences

Hot Wheels Challengers

The list goes back a few years, but see if you can think of the law broken with each one. Commodes Washing machines Home phone lines Cell phones Television signals Light Blubs Electric cars This is not a comprehensive list but is enough to serve the point. Toilets Many won’t remember the Energy Policy Act … Read more Tech Undone: The law of unintended consequences

Yeti Sighting in College Station, Texas

A Yeti walked in the door, continuing to the parts department in the auto dealership. Seven feet tall with long dirty, matted hair all over its body. AND NO ONE SAW IT. Lately, several cartoons have depicted big happenings surrounding people who don’t notice because their heads were looking down at their phones. This was … Read more Yeti Sighting in College Station, Texas

Product Knowledge is King

Do you know your products? I mean really know them. I believe product knowledge separates the order taker from the professional salesperson. I can’t tell you the number of times working with Reps in the field a customer would ask a simple question about a product. The auto-response from the Reps was always, “I’ll check … Read more Product Knowledge is King

Goals, Motivation, and Leadership

Texas Legislature in Session

One of the constants in my life had been my interest in Motivation, Leadership, Management, and Goal Setting. That interest led me to run a website and podcast back in 2005 called Motivation on the Run. It revolved around those particular interests. Then life happened and it slowly passed into insignificance. My wife and I … Read more Goals, Motivation, and Leadership