• 8 Ways of Selling

    8 Ways of Selling

    Have you ever thought about the different ways to prospect today? When I started selling, we had three ways to sell that I can remember (It’s been a long time) Call on the telephone Walk into offices in person Mail letters or postcards Now we’ve added digital alternatives: Send an email Send a text Build…

  • Current Sales Pay Plans

    What is Your Current Sales Pay Plans? My first outside sales pay plan was commission only. No base, no draw, just commission. If I sold, I made money. If not, …. It was a great learning experience. It proved the Tom Hopkins quote, “In sales, there is no ceiling for how much you can earn.…

  • A Time for Leadership

    A Time for Leadership

    “Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C. Maxwell “Leadership is an action, not a position.” Donald McGannon “The challenge of leadership is to be strong but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be humble, but not timid;…

  • Is it really the money?

    Is it really the money?

    Is it the money? Many companies think the only motivating factor for salespeople is money. I think we all know that is not true, but companies still insist on perpetuating that myth. Is money important? Of course. Is more money a good thing? Of course. Is it the only factor motivating you to get out…

  • 4 Factors of Sales

    4 Factors of Sales

    “Plan your work & work your plan“ I’ve been thinking about different factors in sales lately. Most salespeople focus on two or three of the four elements. Time Management Territory Management Prospect Management Sales Cycle Management Most salespeople concentrate their effort on the first two and are ambivalent about the last two until the end…

  • 3 ways to increase your sales

    3 ways to increase your sales

    There are three ways to increase your sales. Increase your sales funnel Increase your close ratio Increase your margins I don’t know a salesperson that doesn’t want to increase their sales. It means more money and greater job security. The problem is that many companies don’t provide the training necessary to accomplish this goal. My…

  • How Do I Define Selling

    How Do I Define Selling

    How Do I Define Selling? What is selling? It is a profession. Professional salespeople understand this and rise above the “order takers” that permeate the industry. Are you a professional? Do you consistently work to improve your skills and abilities? Do you read books on selling and self-improvement? Do you listen to podcasts from salespeople…

  • How To Calculate Your Monthly Sales Projection

    How To Calculate Your Monthly Sales Projection

    Salespeople have no real idea, and most are not taught how to calculate their monthly sales numbers before the month begins.

  • How’s Your Attitude?

    How’s Your Attitude?

    What percentage of “success” does a positive attitude bring? What is the relationship of your attitude to successfulness?

  • Are You a Fair Weather Salesperson?

    Are You a Fair Weather Salesperson?

    Are you a fair-weather salesperson? Do you know what that means? I admit to being a fair-weather golfer. I like warm, sunny days to really enjoy my trip around the course. Rain and snow are not my favorite times to head to the golf course. A fair-weather salesperson is something kin to that. They make…

  • That’s Not Fair

    That’s Not Fair

    That’s Not Fair! Fair. What is fair? Is there a requirement for fairness in the workplace? Does it exist in the world? The definition of “Fair” is not very informative. in accordance with the rules or standards; legitimate. “the group has achieved fair and equal representation for all its members” In accordance with the rules…

  • Tech Undone: The law of unintended consequences

    Tech Undone: The law of unintended consequences

    The list goes back a few years, but see if you can think of the law broken with each one. Commodes Washing machines Home phone lines Cell phones Television signals Light Blubs Electric cars This is not a comprehensive list but is enough to serve the point. Toilets Many won’t remember the Energy Policy Act…