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Are You Interested in Web-based Applications?

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Are you following the buzz on web-based applications? More and more companies are wondering if this form of software might be a good fit. I’d like to explore these application with an eye toward business use.


What is a web-based application? It is software that runs on a remote server rather than your desktop computer. Consider word processing software. Most companies have Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect installed on the local desktop and employees access that copy of the software to write documents.

Web-based software is not installed on your local computer, and employees access the software remotely to write documents.

Questions to ask

  1. Zoho logo Are web-based software applications ready to use in a business environment?
  2. Does your business require installed software?
  3. Can you ditch expensive software installed on every computer?
  4. Will web-based software meet your needs?
  5. What business software is available on the web?
  6. What choices do I have with providers?

Stuck in a Rut?

Google Docs logo While many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, they continue to think every employee needs a copy of Microsoft Office Professional to conduct business. With a retail price tag of ~$500, Microsoft Office Professional is an expensive investment for any business, but is it really needed?

What about this proliferation of free and low-cost web-based solutions? Can you run a business on these applications without spending a lot of cash?

The answer is not simply yes, because some businesses do need the extra features available from installed software, but the features gap is shrinking as web applications become better, faster, and more feature-rich every day.

They are a very real option for many business, and by examining them closely, a small business owner can make a good decision.

The next article in this series answers the question, Are web-based applications for real?

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