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Are You a Fair Weather Salesperson?

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Are you a fair-weather salesperson?

Do you know what that means? I admit to being a fair-weather golfer. I like warm, sunny days to really enjoy my trip around the course. Rain and snow are not my favorite times to head to the golf course.

A fair-weather salesperson is something kin to that. They make excuses for why they can’t do their job. The weather is too bad. All the prospects are on spring break. My wife is busy and I have to cook breakfast. And on and on it goes.

Not Completely True

How many times have you heard that you can’t see anyone between Christmas and New Years? Or maybe even between Thanksgiving and the new year. Maybe the snow is blowing so no one is out there calling on customers.

I am so tired of hearing these excuses from salespeople. They are just excuses. Excuses as to why they can’t make their numbers.

Are some prospects on vacation? Sure. Is it really cold with the blowing snow? Yes. However, the true professional is not looking for excuses to slack off, they are looking for sales. They are looking for an advantage over fair-weather salespeople.

Here’s the good news?

The week between Christmas and New Years can be fruitful. Do you know who else is taking vacations during the holidays? The regular gatekeeper. The one no one ever gets past. She is taking two weeks off and the temporary replacement doesn’t have her skills of rejecting you. Now you stand a chance to get past the front desk.

Deep SnowThe same goes for spring break and the blinding snowstorm.

Now’s your chance to make the appointment or get in to see that prospect.

Don’t be a fair-weather salesperson. Make the extra effort to excel.