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I will not say I’m retiring because I hate that word. It makes me think a person is giving up. Besides, biblically, the only retirement is death. I’m just getting my second wind and preparing for new adventures, new struggles, and new dreams.

Sales, Cars, and Tech

I love WordPress. Well, maybe I just really, really like it. I’m not sure about the commitment to love a technology. However, I like, use, and recommend WordPress every chance I get.

My WordPress journey began in 2005 not long after its release. I needed a platform to host my new podcast and my current blog software would not accommodate it. A quick search led me to WordPress.

Since then, I have started and shut down dozens of blogs, websites, and even an eCommerce website. All run on WordPress.

I spent the better part of the last thirty years in sales. I used technology to assist me in those endeavors and I also put a lot of miles on my cars–hundreds of thousands of miles.