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One of my passions is helping people. In fact, my personal mission statement is Having fun, serving people.

As I continue to have conversations with people, eCommerce is a hot topic and I have spent a lot of time researching and using different methods for online stores.

Currently I manage a ZenCart installation and a new WordPress with eCommerce plugin installation. The latter is the easiest to work with.

With a whole new crop of eCommerce plugins, WordPress is now a viable option. As such, I have added WordPress eCommerce consulting and installation to my offerings.

eCommerce on Demand

Are you thinking of beginning a new online store? I can help. I can make sure you get started in the right direction when choosing a platform and if you want, I can do the installation and configuration for you so sales taxes and shipping costs are done properly.

Also, I see a lot of wasted dollars because of poor technology planning. As stated in this article, most companies buy technology products using commissioned salesmen as their only source of information.

Unfortunately, the salesman does not know that someone else in a different department is working on a new software package that is required for a new account, and that new piece of hardware you just bought is not compatible.

To solve this requires a plan. What initiatives are in place for hardware and software for the next year, five years, and ten years.

That’s where I come in. Putting a plan in place that keeps you from throwing money away.

Use the contact form to reach me and we’ll talk.