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A Closer Look at Zoho Web Applications

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zoho-logo-512pxToday, a closer at the web applications available from Zoho. As you can see from the list below, they offer an easy dozen products today with several more in the pipeline.

If you are a candidate for web-based applications, Zoho is one of the products suites you will want to test. I have personally used Writer, Sheet, CRM, Meeting, and Notebook and find they have more features than I need, with familiar interfaces.

Look at the online applications available from Zoho today.

  1. Writer—feature-rich word processor
  2. Sheet—spreadsheet full of functions ZohoSheet capture
  3. Show—create, edit, publish, and show your presentation ZohoShow capture
  4. Wiki—WYSIWYG Wiki made for groups
  5. Notebook—Collect all your web “stuff” into one place ZohoNotebookcapture
  6. Meeting—Web conferencing that works quick and easy
  7. Projects—Project management to manage and share
  8. CRM—Great Customer Relationship software application
  9. Creator—Online database creator: build forms, collect data and manage
  10. Planner—Manage your to-dos, reminders and notes online
  11. Chat—Group collaboration from your computer
  12. Mail—(private beta) Email, documents, calendar and more.

Run A Business?

Business web applications need to meet particular criteria.

  1. Easy to use (no added training budget)
  2. Have features your employees use (tables, calculations, etc.)
  3. Work as well as your desktop software (responsive to the keyboard)
  4. Have easy access to files (no fiddling to get started)
  5. Provide great technical support (quick call answered by knowledgeable workers)

My experience using these applications from Zoho, show these products are easy-to-use, reliable, and responsive. I’ve never needed customer support, so I can’t speak to that, except as a beta tester.

I was part of the beta testing for Meeting. In testing, I found several issues that needed addressing and my emails were always answered promptly with the information I needed. Web calls and chat sessions were available at that time, also. Bottom line, they wanted their product to work properly when opened for public consumption.

Are You Ready?

If you aren’t using these products to save money and improve your company’s productivity, thus adding dollars to the bottom line, you may be missing the latest wave from technology.

I encourage you to open up to a new way of thinking about your computers, software, and servers.

I can hear you now, “I just don’t buy into this whole Web 2.0 thing. I don’t trust these companies to be in business very long.” Those are fair comments, and if you’ll stick around for a few more articles in the series, I’ll get to that, also.

Next, Google and their Ready-for-Business applications.

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