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24 year old computer still boots

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You might amazed that this Dell computer is 24 years old this month and it still boots and works. As shown in the video, it takes four minutes to boot from a cold start to mouse control.

My wife and I received this as a 25th anniversary gift from our family members. The old DAK 286 desktop was giving out from age and slowness and they knew how much we used a computer.

There was an Internet int 1995 and this computer came with a 14,400 baud modem to dial up to a local ISP (and we complain about 100Mbs). Later I found a 56,000 baud modem in a toss box at a local computer store. The box was $5 found. That modem made a big difference.

It came equipped with Windows 3.11 which I later upgraded to Windows 95.

We used this computer for about 7 or 8 years before replacing it with a couple of laptops.