Will Web-Based Applications Fit Your Needs?

Now that you are interested web-based applications, your first questions are, “What is available? Can I really replace the software I’m using now for little or now cost?” Today, a look at the types of software that are available on the web. The breadth of offerings is enormous. word processing spreadsheets email calendar to do … Read moreWill Web-Based Applications Fit Your Needs?

Are Web-Based Applications for Real?

This series looks at the availability and the usability of web-based applications that are becoming more of an option for small business every day. In the previous article, I asked some questions about applications, and in this article we’ll start by examining some basics. Let’s start with whether web-based software is right for your small … Read moreAre Web-Based Applications for Real?

Are You Interested in Web-based Applications?

Are you following the buzz on web-based applications? More and more companies are wondering if this form of software might be a good fit. I’d like to explore these application with an eye toward business use. Introduction What is a web-based application? It is software that runs on a remote server rather than your desktop … Read moreAre You Interested in Web-based Applications?