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WordPress eCommerce Themes

Now that you are thinking about starting a website to sell merchandise, you need to think about the overall look and feel of the website. Let’s look at what kind of WordPress eCommerce Themes there are.

Of course, we’re using WordPress and one of the good Shopping Cart plugins to run the backend, but what about the front? How important is a good looking website? How “nice” is “nice enough?” Should you first buy a premium theme or hire a graphic designer to build a custom look?

Great Question

To me, using a free theme to begin with lets you learn for cheap. A website can be launched quickly and with a few changes, it doesn’t have to look like every other website out there. Change the colors, add your header image, and a few other changes and it can work while you develop your thinking around what you want the site to become.

I launched our new website using a free theme from WooThemes adding jus a bit of customization. I’ve since changed to another Free Theme, while working on a custom premium theme that should look fantastic when completed.

Free Themes

If you choose one of the better shopping cart plugins for your WordPress eCommerce website, you will have a few “Free” choices. “Free” doesn’t have the most choices to customize, but enough to “make it yours.”

Premium Themes

The good news about premium eCommerce themes? They aren’t all that expensive. Fifty to One-hundred dollars will get you heading in the right direction to a very unique website. I bought mine from Theme Forest, but there are plenty of places to purchase one.

If you type WordPress eCommerce themes into your favorite search engine, you will be flooded with sites that sell themes. Use some caution, but look around and see what is out there.

Personally, I can’t wait to show you the new theme I’m working on. It is still a ways out, but continues to progress.

What are your thoughts on free or paid themes? I’d like to know.

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