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Variations in eCommerce

As I looked at eCommerce software in 2006, the WordPress plugin could not handle the variations and different prices we required. That one missing feature caused me to choose ZenCart in 2007. That is not true with current WordPress Shopping Carts.

Variations in eCommerce

What are variations in eCommerce? Good question. Variations refer to the different configurations of a particular product you sell. If you sell more than one item in your store, chances are you need Variations. Different configurations usually require different prices, so your shopping cart needs to handle this to the extent you need.

How about a couple of examples. Continue reading

Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways

Read about opening an online store and the first thing that up is merchant accounts and payment gateways. What are these things and why is it so complicated? Short answer … MONEY is what it is about … and complicated? Yes, but I’ll try to simplify it.

This confused me completely when I first started the journey into online selling. And the more I read the more confused I was until I finally chose the easiest solution rather than the best.

Merchant Accounts

First, you’re told you must have a Merchant Account. So what is a merchant account, anyway? Continue reading

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Is WordPress and eCommerce Really Possible?

A question I began asking a few years ago “Is WordPress and eCommerce really possible?” is ready for an answer. The short answer is “Yes.” The longer answer is still “Yes”, but with the caveat that it is still a lot of work to get a fully functioning eCommerce website up and running.

If you read some blogs, they make is sound super easy. First, WordPress is famous for it Five-minute install. Then you use an eCommerce plug-in from the repository, that installs with a single click … and YOUR DONE! Except your not. Continue reading