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How to Install & Configure WooCommerce

How do I install & configure WooCommerce on WordPress?

I’ve been thinking about producing a set of videos that cover the installation of WooCommerce on the WordPress platform. This will include modules on all the configurations, as well, because there are a lot of settings you need to get right and many you MUST get right.

To keep the videos in the five to ten minute range, I estimate from six to ten to completely cover the basics. Installation is a breeze, but the time will be spent on configuration. How to set up the site to function properly.

When I am working on an eCommerce website, I do not work directly on the live website. That’s a good way to give yourself a panic attack. When something goes wrong, it goes really wrong.

Working with Desktop Server

There are many ways to build a website offline, but require skills most don’t have. I prefer using Desktop Server because of ease of use and the many advanced features. You can visit their webpage for all the benefits of using this product. The free  version is robust enough to build and test a complete website.


Is this something you would find valuable? A fresh look using the latest builds of both WordPress and WooCommerce for showing and telling?

Let me know with your comments if this would be of service.


Screenshot of WordPress Plug-in directory page

After WooCommerce, What WordPress Plugins Do You Install?

I am fascinated by all the WordPress Plugins available. Free or in-expensive, you can do anything on your website by using a simple search of the plug-in directory.

I looked at the array of plugins across all my sites, and there seems to be a recurring theme. However, with the continued expansion of Jetpack by WordPress, soon we’ll only need it.

I currently have 15 plugins installed on this website, but only nine are activated, and several of those are redundant with Jetpack.

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WordPress eCommerce Themes

Now that you are thinking about starting a website to sell merchandise, you need to think about the overall look and feel of the website. Let’s look at what kind of WordPress eCommerce Themes there are.

Of course, we’re using WordPress and one of the good Shopping Cart plugins to run the backend, but what about the front? How important is a good looking website? How “nice” is “nice enough?” Should you first buy a premium theme or hire a graphic designer to build a custom look?

Great Question

To me, using a free theme to begin with lets you learn for cheap. A website can be launched quickly and with a few changes, it doesn’t have to look like every other website out there. Continue reading