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WordPress is more than a blogging platform

Moveable Type to WordPress

In 2004, I was ready to learn the art of podcasting and hit a snag. I was using Moveable Type for my blog, which at the time didn’t include audio wrappers. Writing a podcast was doable, recording a podcast was doable, uploading a podcast via FTP was doable, but access to the podcast, … not so doable. Without wrappers, the process was much more difficult.


Audio Wrappers

Research revealed that WordPress included the wrappers for audio files, so uploading and making a download available was handled within the code. That’s when I switched to WordPress and consolidated three former blogs to the one … Business Unusual.


What Can You Do on WordPress?

WordPress continues to develop and add features, and is much more than just a blogging platform. You can develop in many different directions using free tools or modestly priced ones.

Blogging, CMS, Website, Newspaper, Magazine, eCommerce, Personal website … are just a few of the ways you can configure WordPress for your needs.

WordPress is available for free, many themes are free, most plugins are free … so your only cost becomes time.

What if you want to be different and fully customize your website? There are theme developers and custom coders that can make your site look and do almost anything. Your only limitation is your imagination and your pocketbook.


So what is it you want to do with WordPress? I’d like to know.